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Vanilla Cream 6kg

Sweet Heart Bis 4Kg

With a buttery base sprinkled with sugar, Sweet Hearts are a true delight. Indulged in these sweet and tasty biscuits for a mid-day perk-me-up.

Sultana 4.8Kg

Tea time's companion, a favorite with the older generation. A signature biscuit, a hearty amount of raisins meet perfectly textured biscuit. Taste the golden...

Small Marie 3.3Kg

Classic, traditional and delicious, Marie Biscuits are a perfect treat to serve with tea.

Orange Cream 5Kg

Sweet and creamy orange-flavoured filling sandwiched between two buttery crispy biscuits, give yourself a delicious treat today with Khong Guan’s Orange Cream.

Lemon Puff 5Kg

The all time favorite lemon puff, the crunchy creamy bite that will satisfy your craving. Creamy lemon-flavored filling that is not overly sweet.

Large Marie 4Kg

Experience the real taste of baking with a bite of quality and deliciousness.