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Factory Tour

Khong Guan


The Khong Guan factory tour is a specially curated programme that showcases the behind-the-scenes of the biscuit manufacturing process. During the tour, visitors will be given a brief introduction to the history of Khong Guan and the variety of biscuits it produced.

Visitors can also get a chance to visit the production floor to learn more about the the biscuit-making process. After the tour, visitors can visit our factory store to purchase our biscuits.

Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours

Tour is unavailable


Due to the current global pandemic,
the Khong Guan Factory Tour
is temporarily suspended until further
notice. Please check back with us
in the future for further updates”

Due to the pandemic

Factory tour is

Khong Guan

Visit Policy

1 . Group size

Min – 15 persons Max – 20 persons

2 . Minimum age

7 years old

3 . Open only

The factory tour is currently open only to local MOE recognized educational institutions and government agencies.

4 . Adult supervision is required for our visiting friends

  • For students in primary 1 to 3, the minimum ratio of students to adults is 8 students : 1 adult.
  • For upper primary and secondary school students, the ratio is 15 students : 1 adult.

5 . For hygiene and safety reasons, visitors are

  • Required to be properly attired (non-sleeveless shirts, either long pants or knee-length skirts and covered shoes). The wearing of shorts (bermudas OK) or slippers inside our factory is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Only school children whose shorts are part of their uniform will be permitted to enter the factory.
  • Required to wear a hairnet (provided) whilst inside the factory.
  • Not allowed to bring personal belongings into the factory.

6 . Booking prior

Interested parties are ENCOURAGED to book tours 3 months prior to their requested visit date.

7 . 48 hours advance notice of any cancellation is required

Please note that Khong Guan Biscuit reserves the right to cancel or postpone any factory visit at any time.

What you need to know about the factory:

  • Photo taking/video taping is STRICTLY PROHIBITED inside our factory.
  • Our factory is not wheelchair accessible. Visitors should also be aware that certain parts of the tour are accessible only by stairs.
  • The temperature and noise level inside the factory when in operation might cause some discomfort to some visitors.
  • Our factory processes peanut and egg containing products.

Tour Days:

Every Tuesday &

(except holidays)

Tour Time:

1 PM to 2:30 PM