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Sultana 260g

Sultana 260g

Tea time’s companion, a favorite with the older generation. A signature biscuit, a hearty amount of raisins meet perfectly textured biscuit. Taste the golden...

Lemon Puff 260g

The all time favorite lemon puff, the crunchy creamy bite that will satisfy your craving. Creamy lemon-flavored filling that is not overly sweet.

Cream Crackers 300g

A distinctive fermented aroma which goes well with cheese, butter, jam and other spreads. It is traditionally a perfect healthy and tasty snack for...

Butter Coconut 300g

Feel the combination flavour of butter and coconut from the yummy & crunchy biscuits which sprinkled with desiccated coconut flakes. That’s makes an all-time...