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Heong Soh Puff 3.5 Kg

Heong Soh Puff 3.5 Kg

Ultimate favorite tea biscuits with a hint of sweetness. Goodness in every bite.

Creamy Chocolate 6Kg

Love of the chocolate satisfies the heart. Crunch of biscuits fulfils our senses.

Cream Crackers 5Kg

A distinctive fermented aroma which goes well with cheese, butter, jam and other spreads. It is traditionally a perfect healthy and tasty snack for...

Cheese Crackers 3Kg

With its savoury cheese flavour, these bite sized cheese crackers make the perfect snack for all ages. Have them on its own or pair...

Banana Cream 4.8 Kg

Sweet and creamy banana-flavoured filling sandwiched between two buttery crispy biscuits, give yourself a delicious treat today with Khong Guan’s Banana Cream.